Music for the Words

Some authors need complete silence to write. Others prefer a background of a particular genre of movie or TV show. Still others prefer to write to music. I find myself waffling between the three categories. When I would write fan fiction, I sometimes found it useful to put on the films in the background. Listening to the soundtracks often got me in the mood to write. Then, during Nanowrimo 2010, I decided to make a “soundtrack” of songs that fit the theme and plot of the story. It worked really well and inspired me to write, and so I’ve carried on that method as I wrote other stories. Even with short stories and vignettes, I would pick a song to serve as a theme, so to speak.

Even though I didn’t set out to do so, I’ve already started doing that for my original novel. There is one song in particular that speaks to the main character, and I discovered another one today that also works very well. And so now I start the process of scouring my iTunes library to choose songs to be the “music for the words” while I write my first novel. It’s almost as fun as writing the story itself!


2 thoughts on “Music for the Words

  1. I waver on all of the above. Some days I need silence and other days I have stuff on in the background. Often though I find that 1 song / piece of music that seems to kick it in to high gear and then I put that on repeat. I’ve been known to write entire chapters on one song alone. My Itunes on the computer has chapter titled play lists. Now when I listen to them I know exactly what I was writing, it’s a little weird. There’s something very rewarding about finding that perfect song to fit a scene.

    1. I do the same thing with picking a particular song for specific scenes and chapters. You can tell which songs I’ve chosen by looking at my iTunes stats.

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