Robber Barrons Meme, Days 1 and 2

The writing community I belong to on LiveJournal, Get Your Words Out, is currently running a 7-day writing project meme streamlined by the two mods, theemdash and sopdetly, from the 30 day novel writing challenge meme. I’m participating and responding to the community posts but thought it would be fun to share my answers here, too. Some of this stuff will be a rehash, but others will be new. So here we go!

01 Title of a current Project and reason behind the title
I am writing a sci-fi novel named Robber Barrons. The name of the ship is Robber Barron (styled after the captain, Ben Barron) and the crew affectionately calls themselves Robber Barrons after him. Why did he pick the name? You’ll have to find out by reading the book!

02 Describe the world that the story happens in
It is three hundred years in the future. Humanity has left Earth to colonize other solar systems. Earth is the central planet and rules over the Inner, Middle, and Outer Colonies. There is currently a truce with the Enio, vicious aliens humanity has fought against in two previous wars, although not everyone is happy about this.

Check back for Days 3 through 7!


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