And Part 1 has ended with a bang

Well, my first goal for Robber Barrons has been met: yesterday I finished Part 1 of the novel, which includes the prologue, the first ten chapters, and a little over 35,000 words.

Hooray for me!

I’m really pleased with the story’s progress, and hope to continue my momentum and finish Part 2 by the end of June. I’m also very grateful for the feedback I’ve gotten from my close circle of writing friends. Amanda, Robin, and Emily are all awesome and I thank them profusely for their help so far.

To celebrate meeting my goal of finishing Part 1, here’s another mini-excerpt! This one features Nika and Victoria discussing why Barron won’t let her go into port.

“Tell me something—was he like this when you joined the crew? Is it a girl thing?” She made a face.

Nika barked a laugh. “Oh, no. Barron is many things, but sexist is definitely not one of them. I think it’s more of an overprotective thing. I’d already been away from home for a few years when he hired me.”

“That’s what my brother said—about Barron being overprotective—but it doesn’t make sense. Why would he hire me in the first place if he was so worried? I dunno. Maybe he’s just realized I’m no good and doesn’t want me to go into port.”

“Or maybe he thinks people will get the wrong idea if they see you together, and he doesn’t want to scare away all the ladies.”

Victoria rolled her eyes. “Wouldn’t you do that?”


Hope you enjoyed!

(In case you missed it, I previously posted the novel summary and an excerpt from the Prologue.)


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