Milestone 2: Reached

This week, I completed Chapter 15, which marks the halfway point of Robber Barrons and  I am still on schedule to finish completely by the end of July. I am very proud of my progress and still liking how everything is turning out. I hit my usual “middle of the story everything is boring omg fix it” snag, but pushed through it and am now getting to the real meat of the story.

To celebrate hitting the midway point, here’s another mini-excerpt! This one features my two main characters, Victoria and Barron. As I write more, Victoria is becoming more and more my baby. I love her.

Not wanting to seem immature, Victoria remained still and waited patiently for Barron to respond. Finally he sighed. “You’ve got your blaster?”

Victoria turned to the side, showing off the holster attached to her belt and doing her best to hide her excitement. “Yes, Barron.”

“You remember what Nika taught you?”

“Yes, Barron.”

“What about your self defense? You remember Tanner’s lessons?”

“Yes, Barron.”

He waved a hand. “All right, go then—before I change my mind.”

She grinned and threw her arms around him. “You won’t regret it; I promise!” She stretched up on her toes to kiss his cheek and then ran out of the flight deck.


2 thoughts on “Milestone 2: Reached

  1. Yay on progress! You are doing great. I have really enjoyed all the mini-excerpts. These characters seem to be fleshing out so nicely. I think it is great that you have set goals and are knocking them down. Way to go!

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