Revisions! Woo-hoo!

I haven’t even completed an entire first draft yet (or even Part 2, as was my goal by the end of June), but I’m already revising large chunks of the novel. This is what happens when I’m in the middle of writing a chapter, realize it’s too short to be on its own, combine it with another, and then decide to tighten up a bunch of stuff at the beginning: my outline gets the RED PEN OF DOOM!

But that’s okay, because I love the RED PEN OF DOOM. In some ways I enjoy editing and revision more than writing itself. I love taking what I’ve written and making it better. Better is good.

* * *

Also, in sad news, fandom friend and fellow blogger Rachael Ambrose passed away yesterday. She was also working on an original novel and always gave me lots of nice congratulatory comments about my writing progress. She was a very nice person and was taken away far too soon. RIP, Rachael.


2 thoughts on “Revisions! Woo-hoo!

  1. Tragic loss, judging by the evidence of talent in her blog. 😦 Even more tragic, then, that her last two entries were spent railing against depressing things like “Twilight” and the despicable “Tropes vs, Women” backlash. That’s just not right,

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