Almost there…

I’m still here! And still writing, which is why I’ve (woefully) neglected this blog. I apologize! In penance I will update you on my progress, I currently have two and a half chapters left to write. Let me repeat that: TWO AND A HALF. I really can’t believe that, in less than three chapters, the first draft of my first novel will be finished! I remember when I hit the halfway point and was so ecstatic, and now I’m almost done. I just need to stay on target, and then I can spend an inordinate amount of time editing and tinkering, because that’s what I do. I’ve already got fabulous cover art created by Svenja and cannot wait to share it with all of you.

Hopefully at Dragon*Con I’ll get the opportunity to talk to other authors about self-publishing and promotion. Janine Spendlove has already graciously offered to let me pick her brain, which I’m greatly looking forward to! (I highly recommend her two War of the Seasons novels, by the way.)

Completely unrelated and random: Recently I discovered that Debra Doyle, co-author of the Mageworlds series (one of my favorites), has a writing blog. I’ve found her entries extremely informative and can’t recommend it enough.


2 thoughts on “Almost there…

  1. Congratulations on that! I’m so in awe over your energy and progress! Though I have’t been around – you’ve been in my mind!

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