Every day I’m querying

As an early birthday present to myself, all day yesterday I worked on my query letter for Robber Barrons. Today I am not going to look at it at all (except I totally have already shhh), in anticipation of sending it out on Monday. The prospect of sending this letter is completely and utterly nerve-wracking and I feel like I might throw up at any second. You see, I’m confident in my manuscript, the story I’ve crafted, the characters I’ve created…but this query letter is something else. I agonized over every word choice, is there too much of a summary, is it too wordy, does it not explain enough, etc. etc. until my poor boyfriend had to tell me to close the document for the night.

But I’m going to send it, because that’s what writers do. We craft stories and want everyone on the planet to read them and pray that those who do read them actually like them. One thing that being a fan of the Star Wars Expanded Universe has taught me is that people have extremely varying tastes. Even fans of the same genre argue incessantly about what they do and don’t like to read. Therefore, I know that even though I think my story is great, other people might not, and that’s okay. That doesn’t mean my story is bad, just not to their liking.

Of course, when people say negative things I will curl up into a ball and cry and ask why don’t they like me? And then a few minutes later I’ll pick myself up and keep on writing.

Write a novel, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. “They” don’t tell you about all the stuff that comes afterward!

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