Getting My Words Out

I think I’ve mentioned this before on the blog, but I belong to a livejournal/dreamwidth community called Get Your Words Out. Every year members pledge to write a certain number of words per year – either 150k, 200k, 250k, 300k, 350k, or 500k. This year I pledged 200k, which is 50k less than last year. Mainly because I’ll spend more time this year brainstorming and editing than I did last year. At least I think I will.

I’m mentioning GYWO again because it’s a great way to keep track of your writing and stick to your goals. Word Wars are especially fun. This year is the last planned year of the community, so look them up on LJ if you’re interested. Sign-ups are open through January 20.

As for my writing, I finished Chapter 5 on Sunday, as planned, but haven’t started on Chapter 4. Now I’m wondering if it’s even necessary; I’ll have to think about it. Meanwhile, I took yesterday off to read Scoundrels and watch this week’s Once Upon a Time (OMGWTFBBQ). I’m almost done with Scoundrels and want to finish tonight but I have to force myself to write this one scene tonight. It involves a character my friend calls Hot Michael, and since she had a bad morning I promised I’d write some more with him. This is what friends who are writers do!

I’m hoping I can get Chapter 6 and 7 finished before Friday, because then I head to Seattle. Yaaaaaaay! And the week after that I’m on a boat. Yaaaaaaay! But I WILL finish Part 1 before January, so help me Thor.


One thought on “Getting My Words Out

  1. Nanci – I have never even tried to estimate the total words i write in a year’s time. Okay, perhaps lat year it was a measly 25,000, but I have easily doubled that since joining WP in November. I will cautiously estimate 500,000 would feel most comfortable since I have commited to a post every day of 2013. That combined with my goal of publishing at least one book if not more should mean totals in the multi-hundred thousands range. Right now i am scrambling to finish a fiction novle for publication.

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