Reality Bites

I’ve returned home from two wonderful vacations, and transitioning back to reality is a bit of a chore. I spent one weekend in Seattle and the next in the Bahamas, so all the stuff I normally do on the weekends – like clean and shop for groceries and write a bunch – has fallen by the wayside. I did make a lot of headway with agent queries while in Seattle, and I worked on The Third War while flying and on a cruise ship. (Side note: writing on a cruise is pretty much the greatest thing ever, and I want to take a week long cruise to nowhere just to pound out a ridiculous number of words and eat a ridiculous amount of food.) I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish Part 1 in the next two days, but I should be able to catch up and finish Part 2 by the end of February, since it’s shorter. I did, however, surpass my writing goal for the month in Get Your Words Out, so that’s something!

Random question time: how do you get all your other ideas to shut up and stay quiet while you’re trying to finish a book? 😛


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