Today I Pushed Forward, And It Was Good

I was cranky yesterday, but today I am not. Today I started my next novel–or should I call it my current work in progress? I wrote parts of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, totaling about 1,400 words.

I also had a bit of a breakthrough when I realized I couldn’t figure out how to begin Chapter 1. I knew the events that had to occur, and the information I needed to convey to the reader, but not how to disseminate it all without coming across as an info dump. The breakthrough wasn’t that I figured out what to do; the breakthrough was that I skipped ahead to the end of Chapter 1, a part I was already certain about. (Hence writing parts of Chapters 1 and 2 and not a complete chapter.) Instead of letting myself get hung up on something I wasn’t going to quickly figure out and losing valuable writing time, I pushed ahead and got words on the virtual page. Instead of fretting, I started my novel. That’s a good feeling.

What’s the new novel about, you may ask? It’s called Seer, and here’s my once sentence summary: With the help of her dead brother, a teenage girl seeks revenge on her family’s murderers.



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