That Book Meme That’s Been Going Around

List ten books that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard — they don’t have to be the “right” or “great” works, just the ones that have touched you. 

  1. Vision of the Future by Timothy Zahn
  2. Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor by Matthew Stover
  3. The Season of Passage by Christopher Pike
  4. A Man on the Moon by Andrew Chaikin
  5. The Icarus Hunt by Timothy Zahn 
  6. My First Book of Space by Rosanna Hanson and Robert Bell
  7. Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin
  8. Marley and Me by Josh Grogan
  9. Mageworlds (series) by Debra Doyle and James McDonald
  10. The Baby-Sitters Club (series) by Ann M. Martin

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