Writing is Hard

I know, breaking news in that title, huh? But it’s true. Writing is hard. And so far 2015 has sucked. But the good thing about the year turning shitty so early is that it has nowhere to go but up. Here’s hoping, at least.

I haven’t done much actual writing this year, due to the aforementioned shitty year, causing my to-do list to get thrown by the wayside. But that’s okay, because I did cross some things off the list. I sent Aurora out to betas and received some excellent comments, and with those in mind I plotted out my revisions. I also brainstormed my next book! Writing it will be my task for this month and next, while I wait for additional comments on Aurora from a military beta reader. (I’m so glad I waited for her comments and didn’t just rush ahead to revise, by the way.)

Thanks to said beta comments, I’ll be chopping off the first few chapters of Aurora and starting out the book with a literal bang. It was super hard to decide to kill those first few chapters, but deep down I knew it was the right decision. I just needed a kick in the pants to do so. (Another reason why beta readers are invaluable!) That’ll give me a lot more words to delve into characterization and have the latter third of the book not feel so rushed.

I still hope I can start querying Aurora midway during the year, even though I have more revisions than I thought I would. But if it’s not ready, it’s not ready. I’ve already spent so long writing this book that I’m not going to win any speed awards, so why bother? I’m just going to focus on making it as awesome as possible. And I’ve learned a ton of lessons for writing my next book, which hopefully will take me much less time. Hopefully that will be done by the end of 2015, and the year can end on a much better note than it started.

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