New year, new goals

I’ve been posting my resolutions elsewhere around the internet so I figured I might as well record them for posterity here.

  • Query AURORA
  • Finish a draft of Robber Barrons
  • Finish Nano draft
  • Read 26 books

My non-Star Wars reading was dismal last year and I need to change that, especially when it comes to science fiction and space opera in particular. There’s a lot of classics I never got around to reading and I want to make a dent on the newer releases topping my to-read list. I’m currently reading LIGHTLESS by C.A. Higgins (fantastic so far) and THE GHOST BRIGADES by John Scalzi (not a recent release but I had it on my Kindle forever).

Last year I finally got my writing life back on track. I finished editing one book that took me way too long to write but taught me a lot, and I drafted another manuscript in the span of a month. Here’s hoping I can keep the momentum going in 2016 and write even more. I pledged to write at least 200k words, so I better get cracking!

Interested in reading my work? Check out the Bibliography page. You can also read my columns at Tosche Station and listen to the official podcast, Tosche Station Radio. This week we launch the gameplay segment of our new tabletop RPG podcast, Of Dice and Droids. It’s going to be super fun and I can’t wait to learn to stretch my storytelling muscles in another way!


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