Mid-Year Check-up

It’s the last day of June (holy CRAP when did that happen), so I thought I’d update on my goals for the year. I’ve actually been pretty productive overall, even though I sometimes don’t feel like it on a daily basis. Here’s hoping my productivity level doesn’t plummet in the midst of buying/selling a house. (Yay, real estate! It’s so much fun! At least I’re getting a pool out of it!)

  • Query EOS (name change) – This is still in progress!
  • Revise THE MAGE QUEEN – I received beta comments, organized my notes, and have been re-reading chapters in my spare time (and to my surprise, the book is not terrible! It’s actually good!). I plan on spending July and August making Draft 3 nearly perfect. After Dragon Con, I’ll send it out to the beta again and get ready to query. I am super proud of this story and cannot wait to make it even better. 
  • Write at least two more drafts (one in Spring and one in Fall) – I finished the first draft of my completely overhauled Robber Barrons on Tuesday! It’s my longest first draft yet at 86k, and I have more to add in revisions. The draft is nowhere near perfect but finishing the entire story has given me clear direction of where I need to go from here. I’m also brainstorming my next book, which I plan to write during November for NaNoWriMo. No title yet, but the elevator pitch is bisexual lady James Bond in space.
  • Read 26 books – I finished reading 13 books according to Goodreads’ count, but it’s actually 15 total because I read Carry On and Bloodline twice in a row. I am currently impatiently awaiting my review copy of Aftermath: Life Debt. To help me in my reading, I created the Tosche Station Book Club earlier in the year. Our picks so far have been Ancillary Justice, Carry On, Bloodline, and The Cold Between. For July, we are reading Lagoon. 

I’m slowly but surely making my way through the list. Along with writing and reading, I’ve also been playing the Star Wars tabletop RPG as part of our Of Dice and Droids podcast. It’s super fun; I blew up a cantina, started a brawl in Jabba the Hutt’s rancor pit, and led a daring escape which led to another capture. The next episode has us poised to participate in a speeder bike race through Beggar’s Canyon. What’s the over/under on me crashing?

Also, as noted above, I am in the process of buying a new house/selling my current one. Real estate is hella stressful and I’m escaping into my imaginary worlds as often as I can. I’m planning on taking my Mage Queen revisions outside and revising while lying by the pool. BECAUSE I CAN.



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