“The Clone in Sector 7” now live on Plasma Frequency Magazine

I’m happy to announce that Issue 7 of Plasma Frequency magazine, featuring my first short story, “The Clone in Sector 7,” is now available! Not only that, but my story inspired the cover art! Electronic issues are free, and you can order print versions on the website.

Seeing my work in print makes me  bounce up and down, and I’m ecstatic for people to finally read it. I hope this marks the first of many stories published.

As for other projects, I haven’t stopped writing! I’ve got a handful of short stories on submission and plan to write a space western piece for submission at the end of August. Work on my next novel is slow and steady, but will take longer than usual thanks to an unusually busy August. I still anticipate having a pitch-ready manuscript by the end of the year!

Thanks for reading, everyone.

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