Where to find me at Dragon Con

After skipping last year, I am returning to Atlanta over Labor Day weekend for Dragon Con 2018! Dragon Con is my favorite overall con of the year, and the Star Wars track does a wonderful job with programming. This year I’m honored to participate in four panels, all located in the Marriott.


  • New Star Wars Canon: Friday, 10 am, A706
  • Also featuring Matthew Rushing, Alex Damon, and Bria LaVorgna
  • Star Wars isn’t only in the movies. Come hear about the other stories you can enjoy. What are the must-reads? Which new characters should you meet? What’s still canon & what parts of canon are Legends returned? Our fan panelists share everything but spoilers.


  • Thrawn: Saturday, 1 pm, A601-A602
  • Moderating, with guest Timothy Zahn
  • The books of Zahn, we mean Thrawn, continue to give us more insight into one of the greatest characters to ever leap from the page. What did we learn from Thrawn and Thrawn Alliances and why is this character so popular?


  • Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge: Sunday, 5:30 pm, A706
  • Also featuring: Andrew d’Adesky, Riley Blanton, Brian Larsen, Lynn Walker
  • We are about a year away from Galaxy’s Edge and we couldn’t be more psyched. Join our Disney fans and enthusiasts as they take us on a journey to Black Spire Outpost and what we know so far and what we hope to see. *Not industry insiders, mostly speculation based on press to date.


  • Luke Skywalker, Hero? – Monday, 11:30 am, A706
  • Also featuring: Bryan Young, Michael Falkner, Thomas Harper, Bruce Gibson, Riley Blanton
  • In the Original Trilogy, Luke Skywalker worked his way through The Hero’s Journey. But we see a very different Luke in The Last Jedi. Did he make it back to being a hero? Did he ever stop?