My First Anthology

You never forget your first, right? You can now read my short story “The End is the Beginning” in the Contact Light anthology, available from Silence in the Library Press. I was thrilled to be included alongside authors I’ve long admired, like Timothy Zahn and Michael Stackpoke, as well as Star Wars fandom friends Bryan Young and Janine Spendlove.

This story was originally the first few chapters of my current manuscript in progress. On Janine’s suggestion, I deleted the first six chapters, rewrote them to be all from one point of view, and edited them into one long short story. I sent the story off to Ron, he liked it, and the rest is history!

I’m still revising Aurora. Right now I’m in one of my lull periods, waiting for beta readers to get back to me. After that I’ll make my last few tweaks, let it sit for a bit while I work on a query letter and synopsis, and do one last read through. I hope to have it ready to pitch by the end of October — just in time for National Novel Writing Month! During which I will move on to a new project, which I’ve dubbed “Boys Kissing in Space.” I’m super excited to write it.

In other news, in two weeks I’ll be in Atlanta for Dragon Con! This is my first year attending as an official media outlet and I’m super excited. I’ll be on several Star Wars panels, including the big The Force Awakens panel as well as moderating the Aftermath panel with Chuck Wendig. I’ll have a few copies of Contact Light with me to sell, as well as Tosche Station buttons and wristbands. Yay, Dragon Con!

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