Dragon Con 2015!

Next week, I’m heading off to my 7th (5th straight) Dragon Con! I’m super excited because this year I’ll be attending as official press for Tosche Station. I’m participating in four panels, and I’ll also be moderating the AFTERMATH panel with Chuck Wendig.

Here’s where you’ll be able to find me!

#ForceFriday Field Trip – Thu 10:00 pm; Offsite

The Force Awakens merch/books/toys hit shelves at midnight. Take a field trip to see AFTERMATH author Chuck Wendig, then stop off at Target to check it out.

I’ll be at the AFTERMATH signing, which starts at 10 pm at Barnes and Noble. We may be hitting up a Target before returning to the con, and hopefully I can find a Poe Dameron figure!

Speculating on The Force Awakens – Fri 11:30 am; Hilton Grand Ballroom West

SPOILER ALERT! All speculation! What are your crazy theories?

If you’re spoiler-free, don’t worry! All our speculation will be based on official sources, like trailers and the Vanity Fair article.

ForceFriday Finds – Fri 01:00 pm; A706

The Force Awakens merch hit the stores at midnight! The dish on what we found.

In which we play with toys and read books for an hour. And discuss what the toys might tell us about The Force Awakens.

Aftermath! – Fri 08:30 pm; A706

It hit your Kindles at midnight. The author himself on the 1st book The Road to The Force Awakens!

I won’t lie; I’m super excited (not to mention a tad nervous) to moderate this panel with author Chuck Wendig. The post Return of the Jedi era is my wheelhouse and I cannot wait to see the direction the saga is taking on the journey to TFA. And, you know, Chuck is a hilarious guy.

SW & Disney Parks – Sat 11:30 am; A706

From Star Tours to SW Weekends to park expansions, Disney’s embracing our Saga. What’s coming?

I have an annual pass to Walt Disney World. I love Star Wars more than most people love their childen. And now we’re getting an entire Star Wars Land. Of course I’d volunteer for this panel!

New Canon – Sun 10:00 am; A706

Legends & New Canon: Where do we stand? What exists in the Lucasfilm sandbox?

In which we’ll educate folks about the Lucasfilm Story Group, what stories are part of the new canon, and why Legends still matters.

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